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  • Hi, I am doing real time recording over UART. It works but i get overflow event. I know that buffer is full, but since its a ring buffer why cant it overwrite old event with new event Please let me know how can i get continuous events Please check the attachment Thanks in advance .

  • Hello, I am evaluating segger embedded studio ide. i wrote a code for stm32 board and try to simulate it . but the peripheral registers are not getting affected. it is constantly showing 0xcdcdcdcd . why is that ? I have not connected any hardware and using simulator mode thank you .

  • Hi , I am working on freertos and systemview in post mortem mode snapshot mode works fine and i had no issues with that. but when i tried post portem mode the events are not collected properly, the trace does not show the freertos task running. Perhaps i may be making mistake while reading the buffer. Please check the attached image. Buffer size = 8192 wroff = 4972 rdoff = 4971 ( so i understood that buffer is full ) according to the user manual , i am first reading from pbuffer+wroff to end of …