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  • Hi there, after reinstalling the "J-Link Software and Documentation Pack" everything works now also under Xubuntu 20.04! J-LinkSoftwareAndDocumentationPack Thank you for the great software! greetings Florian

  • Hello, yes I read this article. Interestingly, the LIB does not appear in the dependency list that I have attached! I have copied,, into the directory.Interestingly enough, I can program a target with the J-Link from the STM32CubeIDE Studio. greetings Florian

  • Hello, similar to the thread: System View - J-Link Library not found I cannot load the shared library under Linux! On the command line I get the following output when the program is called:"Could not open J-Link shared library.Could not open J-Link shared library." I checked the lib dependencies: (0x00007ffd13585000) => /xyz/SystemView_Linux_V320_x86_64/./ (0x00007f772ea41000) => /xyz/SystemView_Linux_V320_x86_64/./ (0x00007…