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  • Hi, From reading this (…t_files_to_enable_tracing), I assume the .pex file in this project ( sets up the pins required for trace to work? Would it be possible to get it in .jdebug format? If not, is there any other example of this for another board in .jdebug format?

  • Turned out to be somewhat rarely occuring HW flaw of the target MCU.

  • Hi, Thanks for the quick reply! I tried disconnecting the other USB devices, but it didn't seem to make any difference. I've also reinstalled everything a number of times, tried different versions of the Jlink SW, etc. (I pasted my previous question from a text editor, so I guess that messed up the formatting. Fixed it now.)

  • Equipment: J-link Plus (FW version: V9 2016 Apr 22 11:47) PC: Windows 7 I installed the JLink 512h SW package to a PC running Windows 7 and programmed several (100+) devices. 2 weeks later, J-Flash programming failed with the error message shown in the attachment (note that J-Flash 510i was used in that case, but the same issue appeared in 512h). Note that erasing the device sometimes works (sometimes the J-link is not able to connect at all), but programming consequently fails. Note that I am n…