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  • If I import a CubeIDE project into Embedded Studio (Windows only apparently) and I make a configuration change in CubeMX could I just re-import the project, or would that overwrite any user code I might have added, which does not happen with CubeIDE as the CubeMX code is just merged with the CubeIDE code? Thank you Steve

  • Thanks again Nino, I did try the File->Import Project->Eclipse Project but the import did nothing, however I was using Linux Mint but trying it again on a Win 10 machine it looks like it will work, is this a bug with the Linux version?

  • Thanks for the explanation Nino, I understand the downsides of a HAL but as a software novice they help me get a project started. I know that Delay() should ideally not be used as they freeze project execution, but these pre-defined functions can be useful for testing et cetera. I started with Arduino IDE which does support Delay() but has no debugger, so next tried VSS/PlatformIO which has everything I need but was always breaking post updates, then STMCubeMX/IDE which so far has done everythin…

  • CubeMX the MCU configuration software for STM32Fxxx MCUs creates code for the myriad internal clocks and many other peripheral config such as GPIO, Interrupts, timers et cetera; which makes new projects quick and easy. I can see that the Package Manager for Embedded Studio adds MCU specific libraries and other things, but how is the internal clocks and peripherals set-up, I assume it must start the MCU with some working configuration but how can one change the parameters? Thanks

  • Does the Embedded Studio IDE provide some form of Delay function like HAL_Delay() or LLm_Delay as provided with STM32CubeMX/IDE? After adding suitable packages for the MCU I still can't find how to do this. I just want to blink an LED to get started with Embedded Studio. Thanks for any suggestions.