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  • Hello Sven, your comments are of great help thank you. Only a few points are left. You wrote: "Not sure why the hook function is not being called. Did you already replaced the multibuffering function by the cache functions?" Yes, at that time I did not replace the multibuffering function by the cache locking functions yet. I can see that the hook function works only down to the video frames, if some sort of memory buffering is involved, either multibuffering or cache. Is that correct? You wrote:…

  • Hello Sven, I solved my last issue regarding the animation of "emWin", "now", "supports", "!!!Movies!!!" a little. There is a memory device that holds the text (hMemText) and another one (hMemWork) which is always the destination for rotation instructions. The display works fine, if I always clean the working memory device (hMemWork) before it is repeatedly used in the loops: GUI_MEMDEV_Select(hMemWork); GUI_Clear(); GUI_MEMDEV_Select(0); Because this demo runs perfect on other hardware with GUI…

  • Hello Sven, Thank you for your reply indeed, I made some progress especially with LCD_ControlCache(LCD_CC_LOCK). But please let me explain first: I did some testing of the GUI_SetRefreshHook() function yesterday already, just to check how often it is called while the picture is drawn. However I encountered some strange behaviour... I am using the original SEGGER video demo file: MOVIE_ShowFeatures.c out of emwin/sample/tutorials. There are four videos, which are shown in this demo: 1) _acExplosi…

  • Hello, I just found the GUI_SetRefreshHook() function in the manual and will give it a try... Thanks Andy

  • Hello to all, I use emwin 6.10 together with a SSD1963 coupled via 16Bit interface. I use cached driver: GUIDRV_FlexColor_SetFunc(pDevice, &PortAPI, GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66720, GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_M16C1B16); The display workes fine as soon as it comes to videos. I tested the demo MOVIE_ShowFeatures.c out of emwin/sample/tutorials. The "explosion" scene shows tearing effects. I know the GUIDRV_FlexColor does not support multibuffering. But I think there must a possibilty to synchronize the output of em…

  • Hi Florian, GUI_GetKeyState() works perfect for me, I am glad the task could be solved so easy! Thank you very much Andy

  • Hello to all, I have a working VNC Client-Server connection. The display is shown fine on the PC. Now I want to have some key stroke events from the PC(client) sent to the unit(server). However our unit has no keyboard, but only three hardware buttons. I programmed all the menu switching and button handling by myself, years ago I just wasn´t aware that emWin offers a keyboard driver... So emWin in my my product is only for passive displaying something on the screen. All events are handled in my …

  • VNC-Server has very bad quality

    Andy_AN2 - - emWin related


    Hi Sven, The activation of the cache solved the problem, everything is fine now! Thank you very much indeed! By the way this cache enabling also solved this problem: Thread " GUI_BMP_Serialize() has Color Errors with emWin5.50 " Question: For me enabling a cache has got something to do with increased speed, why is the readback data in these cases so different if we do not use the cache? Have nice day Andy

  • Hi Florian, I used the Segger Client out of the toolbox: emVNC_V550_Install.exe Attached you find my GUI-Files. Thanky for your help Andy

  • VNC-Server has very bad quality

    Andy_AN2 - - emWin related


    Hi to all, we use emWin 5.50. When we tried the VNC-Server we found out that the screen on the PC is definitely not a true copy of the LCD on the target. There are false colors and lots of litter on the screen. Attached you see the pics of original and remote display. Any help would be much appreciated Andy

  • Hello Bart, unfortunately I got no solution from Segger so far. So I still manually link to emwin 5.36 to detour the problem. Thus I can´t benfit from the new versions other features.... Best reagrds Andy

  • Hi Sven, attached you find: a) your required files b) example of Screenshot correct with 5.36 und a faulty screenshot with 5.50 Unfortunately I am unable to provide you a demo example. What hardware should I use? My whole project would definitely not compile in your environment.... So the thing is very simple: The instruction GUI_BMP_Serialize() can not be configured with parameters. There is nothing I can do wrong on my side. The fault is perfectly reproduceable: 5.36: OK 5.50 not OK I would th…

  • Hello to all, We updated from 5.36 to 5.50 recently. In 5.36 the GUI_BMP_Serialize() instruction works fine. With 5.50 the colors of the resulting Bitmap are pretty faulty, they have way to much of green color. We downgraded the software to 5.36: Colors are correct again. What can we do to use the latest version? Best regards Andy

  • Hello to all, With emWin 5.36, all works fine. However since we updated to emWin 5.46 the GUI_BMP_Draw() function does not display a bitmap correct anymore. It is gray with some blue curved lines in it. This is the source code of a callback function to draw the elements: void cbMsgBoxBack(WM_MESSAGE * pMsg) { u16 ScrWidth; switch (pMsg->MsgId) { case WM_PAINT: ScrWidth = InitMsgBox(pMsg); GUI_DispStringHCenterAt(strGet(Nach_MessFirst1_t), 60 + (ScrWidth-60)/2, 5); GUI_DispStringHCenterAt(strGet(…

  • [SOLVED]Pen size don't work

    Andy_AN2 - - emWin related


    Hello Jens, I had the same problem! If you draw with GUI_DrawLine() it works, but if you use GUI_DrawVLine() or GUI_DrawHLine() it doesn´t work due to some very strange reason Hope that helps Andy

  • Hello to all, I want to change the frame color of a standard framewin. I used this code in GuiConf.c: #define FRAMEWIN_FRAMECOLOR_DEFAULT 0x555555 #include "GUI.h" I expected emWin to accept this define and NOT to set it internally back to 0xAAAAAA. But it doesn´t work. How can I use the configuration options macros properly? Thanks for any help Andy

  • Hello to all, we use EmWin 5.30. When we check the map file, every available font in emWin is linked and uses memory. According to the documentation only the default font plus the additional fonts we use are linked. How can we avoid to have all the other fonts linked? Thanks a lot for help Andy

  • Problem solved

    Andy_AN2 - - emWin related


    Hello , meanwhile I found the solution for my problem. In emWin 5.22 it was not critical when I used HEADER_SetBkColor outside of the callback function of the header. The header widget obviously kept this setting , when I did a GUI_Clear in the call back function the color set by HEADER_SetBkColor was used. However in emWin 5.30 this is different. Using HEADER_SetBkColor has no effect. I must use GUI_SetBkColor() before using GUI_Clear() in the callback routine to have the background color prope…

  • Hello to all, In my application I used emWin 5.22. I have a ListView and I set the background color of its header with HEADER_SetBkColor(). Everything works fine, no problem. But with emWin 5.30 I am not able to set header background color with HEADER_SetBkColor anymore. The color is always black. It also does not work with GUI_SetBkColor() in the header callback routine. But setting the Header Text color works fine at the same places where I try to set the header background color. So why can I …

  • Good Morning, Adrian thank you for your answer! Actually I just found it in Widget_Edit.c by myself..... Please One question with blinking cursor. I use MDK_ARM from Keil with RTOS. The RTOS provides timer functions. In order not to interfere with RTOS I did not configure GUI_X_GetTime() in emWin. How can I get a blinking cursor in this environment? Have a nice day Andy