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  • Vertical Progress bar

    Aadyanth - - emWin related


    Hi I am using MCB1700 board and using the emWin library given in NXP site. I have written a small function , where the progress bar varies according to the ADC value. Its working fine. Now I want to have a vertical progress bar which varies according to the ADC value, but I am not sure which API I have to use. Can some body please help me? Best Regards

  • Hello Adrian I went through the Chapter 29 as you mentioned. The changes has to be made inside the function "GUI_Init()" , if am not wrong? I have considered the simple hello world example given with the trial package, but in the trial package the function definitions are not accessible only the declarations in the header files are accessible, now please tell me how do I do the modifications? Are you getting my question? Is there anything possible from your end? Regards

  • Hi Adrian I am using "SeggerEval_LPC1768_KEIL_MCB1760_CM3_KEIL_MDK_FS_GUI_IP_OS_USB_USBH_120424" trail package for MCB 1700(NXP mcu lpc 1768 ) and I guess the driver used is GUIDRV_Lin which is run time configurable. Can you please help me configure? Best Regards

  • Hello I want to evaluate emwin on MCB 1800(lpc1850), but do not have complete trial package for the same. SO I am planning to do modification to sample codes given for MCB1700. Can you please help me out with the modifications? Best Regards

  • Hi adrian Can we do the changes in trial packa segger has provided? The functions are encrypted in library right? Regards

  • Hello I faced an unusual problem while porting GUI sample codes given for lpc1768. When the code runs on the kit it gives the mirror image of what actually has to be displayed. Please help me with this problem. Best Regards

  • Hi Keil v4.14, embOS Trial V3.86e and Jlink: I am facing a problem using the APIs given for Tracing. I have changed OS_TRACE to 1 in rtos.h and have done required changes, I get the following error: ".\Output\Flash\OBJ\Start_LPC2378.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol OS_TraceEnableAll (referred from start_ledblink.o)." When OS_Trace is enabled only the declaration of OS_TraceEnableAll() is done , but it is not declared anywhere. Is the tracing option provided in trial versions? Best Regards

  • Problem with embOS View

    Aadyanth - - embOS related


    Thank you Til, its working. What am I supposed to do to get trace output?

  • Problem with embOS View

    Harshith - - embOS related


    Hello I am using MCB2370 , Kiel compiler and J-Link debugger . I have just started with sample application "MeasureCST_HRTimer_embOSView.c". The problem I am facing is I cannot see the profiling in embOS View, the Bytes and Packets get updated at the bottom. What might be the problem? Am I going wrong somewhere? First I flashed the program , disconnected jlink and connected UART cable and double clicked the embosview.exe icon and did the required setup , the baud rate was mentioned 38400 in RTOS…

  • Thank you Very much Oliver.

  • Hi embOS/IP is missing in the trial BSP given. Is there any other way to get the trial embOS/IP and also example application of emUSB? Best Regards Harshith Ramesh