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  • emSSL server certificate verification

    Benoitm - - General


    Hi, I'm using emSSL with embOS/IP and embOS and i would like to have more informations about some functionnalities of emSSL. Presently, i'm using this stack as a client and i would like to use the certificate verify API in the structure "SSL_CERITIFCATE_API": typedef struct SSL_CERITIFCATE_API_tag { int (*pfVerifyCertificate) (SSL_SESSION *pSession, SSL_TLV *pTLV, SSL_CERTIFICATE_DATA *pCertificate); int (*pfGetCertificate) (SSL_SESSION *pSession, unsigned Index, const U8 **ppData, unsigned *pDa…

  • Websocket demo with embos/ip

    Benoitm - - emNet related


    Hi, Do you have some examples for integrate websocket protocol with embos/ip ? Is it planned to provide this protocol with an "Add. module" for example? Best regards, Benoitm