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  • Hello Til I was in contact with the support team from SiLabs and got the following remarks: Regarding the possibility to change some of their ISR priorities: This is correct, BLE is time sensitive and modifying the priorities of the ISR might cause instability in connections, advertisements, etc. I would not recommend to change this priorities. This is the way Micrium OS and OSFlagPost are designed. This function was made so it may be called from a kernel aware ISR. Check if embOS has an API spe…

  • Hello Til I'm not 100% sure, but my guess goes to the same direction that all used interrupts are initialized inside the BLE library from SiLabs. I will contact SiLabs directly in order to get some information what interrupts they are using and if any changes on the priority has influence on the stability of the BLE feature.

  • Just to be sure about that, I need to change the interrupt priority for the BLE library from SiLabs?

  • I'm working on a small private project where I want to use BLE to transfer data between my embedded system and a smartphone app. Below are some basic information before I start explaining my problem. 1. Which embOS do you use? embOS_CortexM_GCC V506 with SES for ARM V4.42 2. Which CPU and eval board do you use? EFR32MG12P433F1024GL125 CPU with EFR32MG12 starter kit 3. Which start project do you use? Hello World project from EFR32MG12P sample projects Problem: I started by testing the eval kit wi…