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  • Hi, I am profiling an algorithm on an NRF52840. As the algorithm use more memory, it takes more time. On larger timescales where the algorithm might take 90seconds to compute, the in/out time from system view says 18 ish seconds. As of now Im using noOS, 64Mhz and systick is not enabled. Is there anything that might be causing this (timer overflow somewhere)? Calling SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf(); SEGGER_SYSVIEW_OnIdle(); in the main and then SYS_TRIGGER(SYS_SENSOR_NOISE_MODEL); SYS_RELEASE(SYS_SENSOR_N…

  • Hi, I would like to setup on RTT for my debugging purposes instead of printing to a uart. I am using a nordic nrf52840, no SDK, segger embedded studio, J-Link debugger. Is it possible to do this, or do I need an SDK to use RTT? Also, are there instructions somewhere on how to set this up? Thanks!

  • BUMP. Any progress or idea when the GAP8 will be supported? I like my segger tools...I dont want to switch to olimex.

  • The 1243 has an R4 core but they have an SPI interface to it, and dont open the firmware, which is probably why they say its just a sensor. I posted in the TI forums and they said that they have been in contact with "you", whatever that means. There are some more 77Ghz chips coming out from ST (and NXP), and a lot of them are setup so you have to use the companies individual IDE, which is a real PITA. Would love segger support on this stuff.

  • Hello, I am working on MMWAVE automotive radar platforms from TI. They kind of force you to use CCS and TI debuggers, both of which we do not use. I was wondering if segger plans to support these chips or not? They are AWR1243 AWR1443 AWR1642 Each has a Cortex-R4 in it. If there is no planned support, is there a way I can connect to a generic R4 using Keil or Segger Embedded Studio? Thanks