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  • Hello, Thank you for sharing your config. To preserve the thread we will close this thread and mark it as solved. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, We can confirm that the issues persists. We are investigating further. Keep you posted. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Such an issue is not know to us. Could you provide the image/picture from your opening thread? The link you provided does not work. That is what Fabian meant with "image". I just gave 10.15.7 a try and Ozone was working as expected. Could you provide reproduction steps for the described issue? If Ozone created any crash dumps, could you attach them? Best regards, Nino

  • Hello Erwan, Thank you for your inquiry. Such an issue is not known to us. Usually the approach you chose to set the RTT control block location manually should do the trick. Could you provide a J-Link log file of the failing session? Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Please understand that we can't provide support for third party implementations. All needed information that you need to instrument your RTOS can be found in the SystemView manual. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Could you give the latest SystemView version a try? There has been a fix for high load application recordings. Does the display improve? Best regards, Nino

  • Hello Viktor, yes that would be the .js one. You can find them in the Ozone installation folder. We will mark this thread as solved now. Happy debugging! Best regards, Nino

  • Hi Andreas, Thank you for your inquiry. Yes CTI and multi core stuff is usually not well documented anywhere and the only reference that provides reliable information is the generic manual by Arm. Unfortunately at the current point in time J-Link does not offer support for CTI, so it would not be possible to use it, even if your manage to configure them via a JLinkScript. The reason for this is that when the debugger issues a halt on such a CTI enabled system, you would expect that the CTI handl…

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. To be able to do code coverage you will need at least some sort of trace interface to output trace data. As you correctly stated the ADuCM355 series does not have any trace pins whatsoever (not even SWO is connected on this board which would be a quantitative way of doing code coverage). So the statement that you could do code coverage on that chip is not correct. The only thing you could do in terms of tracing would be software tracing where you instrument you…

  • Systemview cjtag

    SEGGER - Nino - - SEGGER SystemView related


    Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. cJTAG is currently not available for SystemView. We will add it to our feature wishlist but can't name a fixed timeschedule when it will be available. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello Markus, Quote from mmabln: “I wonder why there is no STM32G03x package available? ” Because it was not requested yet by users/customers. As every ES CPU support packages needs to be created and tested manually by our team we try to focus on requested and popular chip series first. We will add the STM32G03x package to our package wishlist now. To get a notification when it is available you can subscribe here: Quote from mmabln: “What would be…

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Yes you can use Ozone with J-Link EDU for private or educational purposes. The Ozone license will be updated soon so it becomes more clear. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Other formats than svdat are not supported for export. Quote from Apool: “i could switch to 3.30, but i remember that i wasn't able to integrate it in my implementations (i'm using SMT32 and programming with Atollic) ” SystemView stayed backwards compatible. So what you could record with V2 you should be able to record with V3. Quote from Apool: “maybe i could just download sysview 3.30 and load recordings done with 2.52? ” Sure that would work to. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. A reflashed ST-Link has only capabilities for tracing via trace buffer. You can find an example project for the H7 buffer trace here: Pin tracing will never work as the ST-Links are simply way to slow and have no dedicated hardware to sample the trace pins with the required high speeds. For pin tracing a J-Trace Pro is required: Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, -programfile will only take one file in either an elf format or the supported bin/hex formats. Svd files will not work as intended as they are not program files. We recommend to use the Ozone GUI and its project wizard to set up the project up once as needed. After that you only need to use your IDE to trigger a build/rebuild and you keep Ozone open for debugging. Ozone will detect that the elf file has changed and reload the application. We will add to our feature wishlist that the CL ar…

  • Hello, FYI we just released the new CPU Support Pacakge for RP2040 and the BSP for the Pico board. You can find them in the ES Package Manager. The CPU Support package can be used for generic RAM samples. The BSP is for the Pico Board which links against the pico-sdk and comes with an out of the box blinky sample and runs out of the box from the QSPI Flash. Best regards, Nino

  • Hi Martijn, Quote from Marty-VB: “If I understand correctly the ATSAME51 isn't fully supported yet? ” It is fully supported from J-link perspective. However for SWO this particular target device can have a multitude of clocksources, sometimes different pins can be used etc. It is impossible to us to guess all possible setups. Arm default is SWO speed follows CPU clock speed and only 1 SWO pin is available. Everything else is special handling and it is user responsibility to set it up. Nonetheles…

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Generally if it works in IAR it will work with J-Link Commander. Just make sure to use the same interface, speed settings etc. that you set up in IAR. According to your second post downloading works now, but the application does not run as expected, correct? Keep in mind that if you program the application with Commander it must be able to run standalone. If you use an IDE an application might work as expected, but it is another thing to have it work without a …

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. The answer is, it depends. Technically the J-Link Plus should also be able to handle that baud rate, but there are limiting factors that can further decrease the maximum value: We already have on our todo to create an overview with different scenarios and measurements so it becomes clearer which J-Link can handle what VCOM baudrates. For now we can clearly say that a J-Link Ultra+/J-Link Pro support 10…

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. The CC2652P is currently not officially supported. But according to the datasheet it is similar to the CC2652R1F which we do support. Could you try selecting target device name CC2652R1F? Does debugging and flashing of the device work with that? If yes we will add CC2652P to supported devices. Best regards, Nino