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  • Hello, I'm trying to flash code (based on EmbOS) using IAR Embedded Workbench IDE on a npx imxrt1062 devkit using a j-link plus version 11. Sometimes I get an error (see attached image). The strange thing is that I don't always get the error, and sometimes closing and reopening the IDE or changing the j-link solves temporary the problem, while other times these "solutions" are useless. Can you help me identifying and solving the problem please? Kind Regards, Giacomo

  • Hi Til, It was an invalid interrupt priority indeed. if I set to 10u it works. Thank you for your response, it was really fast and useful!

  • Hello, I'm using EmbOS version: 5.06.1 on an IMXRT1062 board with a ARM Cortex M7. I'm writing my own driver for CANbus and I have defined some interrupt service routines that executes every time I send/receive a message. This is how I initialize the CAN and the IRQHandlers : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /* Interrupt handlers. */ extern "C" void CAN1_IRQHandler(void) { MISRAC_DISABLE OS_EnterInterrupt(); can1.interrupt_handler(); OS_Leav…