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  • [img]blob:[/img] Sorry, premature send. Got this yesterday, and at start up, on my MacBook Pro it spins for up to a minute with the busy cursor. You can start commands, but it will often crash. As well, it moved around panes from my config, but when you try to move around thew panes it will crash. I love many of the features in Ozone, but this release appears to be very unstabel Target -> STM32F0405R MaxOS 10.15.07

  • Version 3.22A Ozone *BUG*

    TxCodeMonkey - - Ozone related


    When you change a watch it moves it to the bottom of the watches. As well, when you move a watch it collapses all of the open structures. arm M4, ELF image. Please fix!!

  • Here is a snippet of my code. currString and currDot are out of scope in the watch window and mouse over will not show a variable. NOTE: This is C++. STM32F4, and here is the gcc --version output Source Code (5 lines)and Source Code (1 line) C Source Code (30 lines)

  • Also, what happened to F3 for search again?

  • To whom it may concern, I have the latest release of OZone, and I am going through source files looking at a global variable, and when ever I hit return or move focus to place a break point the find box/window goes away, and I have to reopen and retype in the variable name to search for the next occurrence. That is a very unfortunate interface. It should not go away, except for when a close button is pressed, or the escape key when the keyboard focus is in the search box. This is on MacOS, BTW. …

  • I concur with awneil. I have noticed situations where the debugger could do a better job and at catching optimized variables, that are either removed from the tree (compile tree) or only exist in a register. We want those optimizations, so, sometimes they have issues. It has been a long while, when the optimizer chucks out variables optimizes them to register only, I do not know all of what information is left for the debugger to actually find. The simplest debugging technique when you are check…

  • Please checkout…n-Segger-Embedded-Studio/ cheers, thomas

  • Nino, I hit upon the slowness in SES again. It is in a project that we have not been concentrating on much, as it was fairly stable. We are working with a nRF5252840 and the project in question is our modified bootloader/DFU. (SES 4.22 and up to date Windows 10) I see the following a fair bit.…9293d0f3970710def5af7dbe2 Now the thing is, I can't seem to find that memory range in the nRF52840 specs or in my project files, or in the nRF52 SDK. Any guidance would be ap…

  • Nino, Glad to hear the let you out of the office I very much appreciate your work on this board. Thanks to your management team for allowing you to have the time to participate this broadly with your user community. cheers, thomas

  • Nino, in the middle of a few things, but I just checked and the delta seems to have tightened up a bit. My PC has been rebooted since I first posted. I will collect more data when I can, and give a better test case that you should be able to reproduce. Many thanks, thomas

  • Hello, again, this is not a large issue. Using OZone 2.70, on Windows 10, attached to a JLink -Ultra +, when the target is disconnected (power loss) during an active debug session I can not exit OZone. Even when answering in the affirmative if I want to leave the session, I have to go to the task manager to stop the process. thanks again for your consideration, thomas

  • awneil, I fully understand that. I was referring to errors that do have specified line numbers. The context of my previous comment was centered around cursor/window focus in general, and not in terms of exact linker errors.

  • Nino, We missed you, hopefully your time away from the forum was good. As always, thank you for your response. I also like the task view, but it is not clickable on the error. In general, it would be cool if there was a bit more precision with cursor focus. I have, in effect 3 monitors. The compilation output view is in a separate window on a different monitor than the primary window. When you click on an error, if would be cool for cursor/mouse focus to be moved to the primary window at the lin…

  • Hello, I use SES feeding into OZone, and one of the issues that I stumble upon occasionally is when I Windows switch focus to OZone when SES is linking OZone crashes. I do have auto re-program turned on. Windows 10 and the latest revisions of SES and OZone. I will say not having to switch SES from editing tool to debugger and back saves a significant amount of time. IDE's might be good, but switching modes from development to debugger is a waste of time.

  • I found to get consistent results with the nRF52 and RTT I had to change the following definition to 0. #define NRF_FPRINTF_FLAG_AUTOMATIC_CR_ON_LF_ENABLED 0 We here are using the NRF_LOG* calls and have made the SEGGER upgrades. edit: I will add, the primary reason for the change was to remove additional blank lines from the terminal in OZone. We do not add \n to the log output.

  • awneil, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The linker is properly creating the CORRECT errors. Yes, the linker has it correct. The problem is SES is not displaying the error in a easy to see manor. I have no idea why you are over reaction to an obvious error in my code. The original cause for my hunt was a missing typedef. And this the linker assumed I was trying to create an overlapping variable in multiple object files. Again, the link did the correct thing. Have a tool simply sa…

  • While appreciate being pedantic, my code example clearly did not have the extern qualifier.

  • One of the things that I've noticed is linker errors tend to be pretty stealthy. In this case I accidentally added the declaration of a variable in an include file that was included in 10 files. I reproduced the issue with adding the following to that header. Source Code (1 line)This is the output. You have to turn on "Show build info" and "Echo command lines" to get that amount.…9293d0f3970710def5af7dbe2 Otherwise, you get the following…

  • Hello, I updated to SES:4.22 and OZone 2.70 and I am still seeing an issue where debugging is significantly slower. And by slower, I mean, in OZone when you press F5,F11, or F10 it instantly acts, and you hit the next breakpoint or goes to the correct statement. In SES it can take a few seconds, especially F5 (go). I am running an up to date Windows10 Pro (Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763) system with 16G RAM with about 8GB physical memory free. I am using a JLink Ultra+. Any clues on what to look…

  • I should add, here is some information about SWD multi-drop, not chaining. About 3/4 down the page…dp/jtag-and-swd-interface