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  • Hi Oliver It was the cache, cleared it and the changes showed up. I was running the Demo in Chrome on Windows 7. When I tried other browsers they got the updated styles right away. I would think the styles.css would be a pretty basic file to get updated but who knows. Thanks Pete

  • Hi I have a problem where changes to the styles.css are not showing up on the website. Was not changing on my website so went back to the Demo and it does not change there either. The build shows that the styles.c was changed and looks like it is recompiled and the styles.o looks like it has the changes I made. Changes I make to index.htm are updated after a compile. Is there something else that needs to be done? Thanks Pete

  • Hi I am working through my lack of knowledge. I got my website to compile and it is running. I would still like to know about 1, 2, & 3 if someone can give me some information on this. Quote from dynapb: “Some questions. 1. Do I need to "compile" the .htm, .css, .gif files with m.bat/cc.bat/Bin2C.exe? 2. Can I just put the files in a "File System" and use them like a typical website? 3. What is the better way of 1. & 2. if 2. even works? ” Thanks Pete

  • Hi I am new to embedded webserving and would like some tips. Is there a good general overview of the process to create a website using emWeb? I have a emPower board and am working on changing the demo website to create my own. At the moment I am using various parts of embOS/IP User Guide to try to understand how to do it, i.e. "42.2.3 Using the read-only file system". It says to make the changes and "recompile your application" but that does almost nothing but give errors. I tried to run the m.b…