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  • Can you please tell me how it can be done in this case? How do I declare the handle of a window as a static variable?

  • Hi, I have to plot values of continuous data hence am using the YT graph. However, this plots Y values against every X value. I wish to plot data every 2 seconds. Is there any way to set the X-axis scale? Thank You.

  • Hi, using the Text widget is a good idea. I'm creating a Text widget within my Window. However, I would like to update it within a different function. How to get the handle of the dialog item (that is the Text item)? static const GUI_WIDGET_CREATE_INFO _aDialogCreate[] = { { WINDOW_CreateIndirect, "Window", ID_WINDOW_0, 35,50, 320, 480, 0, 0x0, 0 }, { GRAPH_CreateIndirect, "Graph", ID_GRAPH_0, 0, 38, GRAPH1_LEN, GRAPH1_WID, 0, 0x0, 0 }, { TEXT_CreateIndirect, "Text", ID_TEXT_0, 192, 5, 120, 30, …

  • Real Time Plotting of Graph

    jysrvnn - - emWin related


    Hi, I have created a graph dialog. I'm using the GRAPH_DATA_YT_Create() function to create a YT graph and then attaching data using GRAPH_AttachData(). Further I am updating the datapoints of graph using GRAPH_DATA_YT_AddValue(). I have loaded the values to be plotted into an array and I'm running GRAPH_DATA_YT_AddValue() within a loop. However, I wish to see the values being plotted in real time thus I'm adding a delay of GUI_Delay(100). This isn't working and the graph does not display any val…

  • Hi, Your suggestion works. However, I got the same output using the function GUI_DispStringAtCEOL(). Is there a way to change the way the area is refreshed? It looks like a transparent rectangle sliding down and then new value is displayed. Is there a way to change this animation? I want just the digit to change. Thank You.

  • I'm using the GUI_DispDecAt() API to display a value at a particular position. However, I want to update this value within a loop. The values are getting overwritten. Is there anyway to updated the digits alone? int var = 100; for(int k =0; k <10; k++) { GUI_DispDecAt(var++,140,72,3); } Please let me know how to go about this. Thank You!

  • plot graph from (0,0)

    jysrvnn - - emWin related


    Hi, Were you able to figure this out? I am also looking to display graph values starting left to right. Please let me know how to do it.