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  • Hi, Does anybody know how to switch to another screen from code? I have an error screen that I need to show when the application detects and error. Show it to the user and when the user dismisses, return to the previously shown screen.

  • Hi, Is it possible to disable the animations completely of AppWizard? We are using relatively slow hardware, and it can not keep up. Which is worse than having no animation and just a final update. Any idea how to switch it off completely?

  • AppWizard not updating text

    Marcel Boom - - emWin related


    Source Code (13 lines)I am using the code above to change the value of a text (holding the current date/time). However, without line 12 it doesn't work. I have traced this down into the sources, and it is because the pointer of the string does not change. between two runs of the code above, it does not get updated. I think this is incorrect, there should be a contents comparison or no comparison at all. Unless, ofcourse, I am missing something here.