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  • Hi I'm looking for a reference implementation of tickless idle mode for Cortex M4 . I have seen the app note for STM32 using TIM , looking for something similar for M4 systick Thanks, Ran

  • [SOLVED] Critical region

    wrani - - embOS related


    Hi, I have an nrf52840 based project , in my application I have a short duration ( ~100ms ) that I need radio to be quiet ( no RX\TX ). Can I use "OS_TASK_EnterRegion " for that ? Does this function has any effect on BLE Stack ? ( the alternative is to use nordic timeslot api ) Thanks, Ran

  • Hi, I am using ebmBuild to build my SES project ( integration into CI project ). Project is nrf52840 based. The artifacts from that build ( app.hex , and s140_nrf52_6.1.0_softdevice.hex ) should be later programmed using nrfgprog utility. Do I need to specify a programming flash address when manually programming the hex files ? ( or does the tool finds out where to burn them , if so - how ? ) Thanks, Ran

  • USB_X_Log crash

    wrani - - emUSB related


    Hi, I've integrated emUSB stack into my Nordik52840 project, running emOS. USB-CDC works well, How ever - I had to disable a call to : "USB_X_Log(acBuffer)" in a function called "USBD_Logf" , otherwise - the Init crash. Any Idea why ? where are those prints go anyway ? version is V318_USBD-00381_65791761_190104\ Thanks, Ran

  • Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I will try the command line option under Linux. I have few more questions - will post in a separate thread.

  • Also - he reason I even want to try compiling for ARM is because I need the project to build nightly on our automation server. Is there a way to compile a SES studio project from command line ? ( no UI, eclipse has this ) Thanks, Ran

  • Thanks - Not sure if this is the problem but I'll give it a try. Note that I see those symbols in ses_startup_nrd52840.s : "_vectors: .word __stack_end__" but not in ses_startup_nrd52840.s which is used when building from "armgcc" Ran

  • Hi, I have a nordic example ( uart ) which I've integrated embos into. program runs well when compiling in Segger Studio ( SES ) . However - trying to compile the code in "armgcc" ( from cmd line and make ) gives me the following error : ../../../../../../external/embOS/Lib/libos_v7m_t_vfpv4h_le_r.a(OS_StackInfo.o): In function `OS_STACK_GetSysStackBase': OS_StackInfo.c:(.text.OS_STACK_GetSysStackBase+0x4): undefined reference to `__stack_start__' ../../../../../../external/embOS/Lib/libos_v7m_t…