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  • Hi Nino, Thank you for your reply, information and advice. I will see what we can do. Cheers, Kees

  • Hi Nino, Thank you for your reply. The reason we want to try SystemView is that we have some strange behaviour with products in the field. The product is 10 years old and in 99% of the cases it works perfect. It’s a system that’s collecting data from a Bluetooth node with a data rate of 100 messages per second (100 bytes per message). With some of our systems, we see that the message receive rate drops from 6000 message/minute to 5500 message/minute. After a few minutes the system resets itself.…

  • Good day, I want to try SystemView on one of our product because we have some strange behaviour once in a while... But our embos version we use is 3.62a. In read that the minimal embos version required is v4.12a. Is there an old(er) version of SystemVieuw available or are there other workarrounds for it? b.t.w.: Updating the embos version is not a realistic option for us. Cheers, Kees