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  • Hey guys, How do I animate a window in emWin? Specifically I want to be able to resize the window and move the window smoothly using the X0,X1,Y0,Y1 coordinates seen through an AppWizard ANIMCOORD interaction. The reason I want to add it through emWin code and not through AppWizard is due to the sheer amount of interactions it involves (over 100). Let me know if this is possible and thanks.

  • Hello, How do I toggle visibility of an AppWizard text object from code without using AppWizard "interactions"? Also side note: I've noticed when I use a large amount of "interactions" in AppWizard, some "interactions" disappear when saving or exporting (this issue is reproducible, I will be able to send the project file). One of these interactions involves an AppWizard text object that I need to set the visibility of. Therefore I am trying to accomplish this through code rather than using APPW_…

  • Hey guys, Is there a way that I can set the radius of a Box object's corners from AppWizard? If not in AppWizard, is there a way through code to round corners to an AppWizard Box object? Let me know and thanks!

  • This has been solved, I've used the AppWizard variables API to change the background color.

  • Hey guys, How do I set the background color of a Box object from AppWizard in the emwin code? Any help is appreciated and thanks!

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  • Hey Florian, Thanks for the response, will you be able to provide an example font and example codepoint range that includes the theta character? Let me know and thanks!

  • Hello, How do I add a theta symbol to a text object in AppWizard? Any help is appreciated and thanks.

  • Hello, I am having trouble getting my AppWizard solution to export when it is pulled from source control (TFS). I've tested this on an empty solution where I created a new AppWizard project and checked in the root folder where the project is located into source control (this includes any .dll and .lib files). I then delete the project root folder locally and get the latest from source control (The goal for this test is to make sure it works out of the box from source control). The Visual Studio …

  • Hey all, Is there a way to target and update the value of an AppWizard text object through code? So far I can only update it using the APPW_SetVarData(), but thats with a hardcoded value from AppWizard . I would like to update the text with a custom value from the code itself. Let me know if this is possible, and if so, how I can do this. The examples that come with the Emwin trial does not include any AppWizard applications to demonstrate this. Thanks, Josh

  • Hello, My company is looking to implement emWin with the AppWizard GUI builder Where can I find example visual studio solutions using emWin with AppBuilder to display a GUI with navigation between different screens? I’ve checked out the directory that comes with emWin: SeggerEval_test\Sample\Tutorial But that directory only consists of low level snippets of code. I would like have a full example solution demonstrating navigation between different screens. Let me know and thanks, Josh