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  • Hi and thank you for a great tool! Ozone v3.20e Ubuntu 20.04 With gdb I can choose to show disassembly in a source centric (disassemble /m FUNCTION) or machine code centric (disassemble /s FUNCTION) view. It looks to me like Ozone provides a similar distinction through the Source Viewer and Disassembly Window. But I'm a little puzzed about what algorithm the Source Viewer uses when displaying disassembly. The main function in my attached program has a bunch of inlined functions when building wit…

  • I installed v3.20.e. Bug is fixed there. so this thread can be closed. Can I close threads? Don't see any such option in the toolbar.

  • Attaching a gif to demonstrate this minor bug. I can select and deselect which faults to catch by selecting/de-selecting the checkbox. But I can also click on the red dot next to the fault name. If I click on the red dot, then after that the checkbox can still be used but the tick-marker does not change. Ubuntu 20.04 Ozone v3.20c Best Regards, Daniel…375355ab3e33f50d43631f9e4