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  • I've been using Ozone with J-Link for trace. I had trouble several months ago but the latest versions seem to work well. But we are interested in using the profiling features of J-Trace. It sounds like the answer is, we can't because Atmel/Microchip didn't plumb the required signals to the pins. Thanks for the replies.

  • We are considering purchasing a J-Trace for profiling features not available on our J-Link devices. Using IAR. I'm trying to find which pins need to be routed to a connector and what connector that is. Also, if the J-Trace is compatible with our device. We use an SAMA5D27 Arm processor. We have a JTAG connector but presumably ETM requires more pins and another connector(?). Will the J-Trace work with our processor (support profiling features)? What connector is needed and what is the pinout rega…

  • Thanks. So the "caching" is in Ozone memory on the PC rather than the J-Link, so there no problem with a MB or two of code?

  • Thanks, that was very helpful! The trace is working now. Since I don't fully understand what the ReadIntoTraceCache command is doing, can you provide details? Is there a limitation to the number of bytes cached? For example, I have a fairly large app loaded into DDRAM and would like to be able to trace all of it. It's well over a MB.

  • The instruction trace shows mostly ?'s.

  • I'm using Ozone for instruction trace with a ATSAMA5D27. Initially a bootloader is run from SRAM and trace and breakpoints work well at that point. But as soon as execution is started in DRAM the instruction trace listing is mostly 0xFFs. Using J-Link Ultra+ with Trace Buffer setting. Perhaps there are settings related to memory access that need to be tweaked when executing in DRAM. Thanks

  • I have two SAMA5D2 Xplained boards, tried them both. I have tried all combinations of open and closed JP1 and JP2. I have installed Ozone on another PC, still not working. I also have two SOM1-EK dev kits, might try running the trace example on those. Thanks!

  • Trying to run the example in Embedded Studio (release 4.18) results in an error message: Failed to download application. Generic error. Please check J-Link and target connection. Ozone is V2.62f. When I select "Start Debugging" "Download and Reset Program" I get the following in the console window. (Thanks.) (BTW I used jlink.exe to connect to the XPlained board and it seems to be OK.) Debug.Stop(); J-Link: disconnected from target device Debug.SetConnectMode (CM_DOWNLOAD_RESET); Debug.Start(); …

  • I've tried the ATSAMA5D2 trace example from the tested devices link shown above, without success. I have a J-Link Base as well as a J-Link Ultra+. The documentation specifies J-Link Pro so perhaps someone can confirm that neither of my units will perform the trace function? Thanks

  • Using the right cable solved the problem. Thanks.

  • I downloaded 6.34g, updated the firmware, but no help. The connector I use is an Atmel part. SEGGER J-Link V6.34g Log File DLL Compiled: Sep 26 2018 14:45:08 Logging started @ 2018-10-03 14:30 T0D6C 000:000 JLINK_GetDLLVersion() returns 63407 (0000ms, 0000ms total) T0D6C 000:000 JLINK_GetCompileDateTime() (0000ms, 0000ms total) T0D6C 000:002 JLINK_SelectUSB(Port = 0) returns 0x00 (0005ms, 0005ms total) T0D6C 000:007 JLINK_SetWarnOutHandler(...) (0000ms, 0005ms total) T0D6C 000:007 JLINK_OpenEx(.…

  • If I open J7, J-Link can see the SOM1 through the USB connection. I can program the board but debugging is limited, and I'd prefer to get the JTAG ICE working. With J7 closed, the emulator connected to JTAG can't see the board, as shown above. Should I try another J-Link emulator, as perhaps this one is faulty? (I received a new SOM1 eval board, and it behaves identically.) Any help would be appreciated.

  • ************************** WARNING: RESET (pin 15) high, but should be low. Please check target hardware. ************************** Why does J-Link complain about pin 15 Reset when the SOM1 datasheet lists pin 47 as Reset?

  • Thank you for your response. SEGGER J-Link Commander V6.32f (Compiled Jun 12 2018 14:47:13) DLL version V6.32f, compiled Jun 12 2018 14:46:40 When I press the reset button, I see RomBOOT on the serial port, so I think J-Link OB (USB J10) works. Yes, I have a jumper closing J7. I have ordered another board, perhaps this one is defective. What is pin 15 (RESET)?

  • Having trouble with J-Link communicating with the SAMA5D27 on the eval board, ATSAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1. JLink.exe reports: TotalIRLen = ?, IRPrint = 0x..000000000000000000000000 ************************** WARNING: RESET (pin 15) high, but should be low. Please check target hardware. ************************** Firmware: J-Link V10 compiled Apr 20 2018 16:47:09 Hardware version: V10.10 S/N: XXXXXXXX License(s): GDB VTref=3.193V The Eval board reports RomBOOT over serial so it's powered up. And my J-lin…

  • Using IAR IDE and a J-Link Base ICE with SAMA5D2 on XPlained eval board. Stepping through the code, the IDE locks up. When I break, the code is execting the Undefined Insruction exception handler. Looking at the LR, the instruction at that address disassembles, so I presume it is not the problem. Stack pointer looks good. Any suggestion how to diagnose this condition?