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  • Quote from SEGGER - Alex: “Hello, Where do you hit "Ctrl + c"? What window is active at that point? The keystrokes are send to the active window which should be the GDB client in your case, so GDBServer does not get these keystrokes. If I am getting you wrong: Can you please re-explain what exactly(!) you are doing (or post a video)? BR Alex ” Hi Alex, I've recorded two videos to demonstrate the problem.…SqrQOW_Kn-GxXa_9b1bM7t5Pg In JLinkGDB.mp4, I started the JLin…

  • Hi thekenu, I have reported this problem to the CLion bug tracker. I hope they can respond this ticket and at least give us some workaround.

  • Hi, I'm using the J-Link GDB server to debug a STM32F401CC. I started my gdb client and connected to the server. When I press Ctrl+C, it generates a SIGTRAP signal. However, it seems that a SIGINT signal is more appropriate, as the behaviour with gdb and any ordinary x86 executable on PC. This also leads to compability issues with IDEs such as CLion, for example…ing-breakpoints-on-Linux/ I believe a returning SIGINT is more a appropriate choice.