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  • Thanks for reproducing. Looking forward to the next release.

  • Hi, yes, I mean the numbers circled in the picture. They show the values at the certain time. For me it's often just 0 and 1 and when then one of ten variables changes from 1 to 0, it is hard to tell, which one it is. (Optional) Labels right next to the circles or (optional) values right next to the variable names in the legend might improve this. Cheers

  • Thanks.

  • Hi, I think you are calling gnome-terminal explicitly. While this is installed in a default install of Ubuntu, the user might have decided differently during installation. It might be a good idea to mention the terminal emulator, you are calling, in the Suggests: field of the control file of the deb package. Also, maybe support two or three other terminal emulators as well. That way, KDE users would not be forced to install gnome-terminal in case they are instructed by the support. I consider th…

  • Hi, I have not been able to reproduce this with Debian on a different machine. Cheers

  • Hi, here is a video showing the behaviour. Notice the number "1" label in the timeline view. At first it is alright, being put to the left of the mouse cursor position when there is not enough space on the right. When I then set a Y range, a scrollbar appears. This scrollbar is not included in the calculation of enough space so the "1" label moves almost completely under the scrollbar before being moved to the left. The video is made on Debian Linux but the same can be observ…

  • Hi, I am not sure what's going on. It's not the first time, I see a bug, then a new version is released claiming to fix that behaviour and when I try it, it seems just broken in another way. Now colours are just shades of gray and when I change one of them, they are all black the next start. Also the window layouting issue is still broken. this time, it creates several rows of views after a restart. I am on 3.22a not and for two off the three fixed issues I cannot confirm. Either your developers…

  • Hi, when I open Ozone with -debug, there is a debug window shown. When I then edit some value like the terminal data limit or data tracing data limit and leave the input field with the tab key, the debug window says: [W] UNK 0331:974 Edit: editing failed Just a minor nitpick. Cheers

  • Hi, when I set a Y range in the timeline view, a scrollbar appears on the right. When I move the cursor to the right to see the newest values, the numbers that are shown right of the cursor are hidden behind the scrollbar.…4d0411445e440f96ab40cfbf2 Can you confirm this? Cheers

  • Hi, the Data Sampling view shows the latest values. I meant the values under the curser that moves around with the mouse. Sure the values are shown next to the cursor but for me they are not well distinguishable. So a short look into the legend would help me there. Cheers

  • Hi, regarding the Set Y-Axis Range ... dialog I have two proposals: 1) make the Enter key always accept the dialog. For some reason I always type a number and when I am finished press Enter and then wonder why the dialog is still there. Not sure if I am the only one but the extra Tab key hit (or two if only the first number is adjusted) could be saved there. 2) Set the currently set range as default and not the currently suggested best fit. If someone wants the latter, they can just use the avai…

  • Hi, I totally understand that you cannot support every single Linux distro. I will try this on Debian over the week end. This is the closest I can get to Ubuntu. Cheers

  • Hi, thanks for confirming. Please also have a look at the checkmarks of the sampled variables. If I uncheck a variable, it is rechecked the next start. This might be intended, but maybe not. Cheers

  • Hi, when I use the -debug command line argument on Windows, an additional window is opened with debug information. On Linux (Arch Linux here) no additional window is opened. Cheers

  • Hi, in the timeline view I can set custom colors for variable data lines. But whatever I select, after closing and reopening Ozone, the default colours are set again. As far as I can tell, this info would be stored in the jdebug.user file but the file is not changed here when changing the colours. Can you reproduce this? Cheers

  • Hi, in Ozone, the version number is part of the aplication name. I am not a Windows expert but I think due to this I can observe the following behaviour: When I pin Ozone to the task bar there is an icon with which I can open Ozone. When I open Ozone, the icon is replaced by the application handle to e.g. raise or minimize the application window. Once I install a newer version of Ozone, I can still open it from that icon but then the application handle is not replacing the icon but the icon and …

  • Hi, in Ozone V3.22 the views ordering was kind of fixed as I can see in the Changelog. However, for me it broke in some way. This is how I ordered my views:…4d0411445e440f96ab40cfbf2 And this is after closing and reopening Ozone:…4d0411445e440f96ab40cfbf2 So there might be still something wrong to be checked. Cheers

  • Hi, I am on Arch Linux with Ozone 3.20i and still see the problem. I am running a minimal example project on a Nucleo board with reflashed debugger. Steps to reproduce for me: - start Ozone and load project - load start debugging - click in the Data Sampling view Now the sampling counter is shown in status bar and flickers. The flickering is not always there but quite often. It is the same project that I sent you (Nino) on September 20th via email. The zip archive ( contains a sim…

  • Hi, often I get confused with the values shown next to the cursor in the timeline view. The colours are not distinct enough and the lines around the values are too thin to really tell them apart. So what about making it possible to show the labels right next to the numbers. Or show the values additionally right next to the labels in the little legend overlay? Cheers

  • Hi, I think it would be a nice addition to show the breakpoint condition when hovering the breakpoint with the mouse cursor. It might also be nice to indicate visually that the breakpoint has a condition. maybe with another colour or a sign in it or by filling only half of the circle in red ... something like that. Cheers