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  • Hi Oliver, thank you for your quick reply. I did not check if recv actually returned 1 if no data was available but was just going by the documentation. My IP stack unfortunately does not offer getsockopt with SO_ERROR, so this option is off the table. However, using the callback to return IP_WEBSOCKET_ERR_AGAIN in the case of WOULD_BLOCK worked very well. Thanks again for your help. Kind regards glaukos

  • Hi, I'm trying to use non-blocking sockets for Websockets, in order to handle multiple websocket connections from a single task. The documentation leads me to believe that this is possible, as blocking calls should return with IP_WEBSOCKET_ERR_AGAIN. Furthermore, I'm using a custom IP-Stack, up to the Socket interface. I am unsure what a socket recv call should return for a non-blocking socket when no data is available. The Socket interface documentation suggests that a value of 1 should be retu…

  • Hi, is stdatomic supported in Embedded Studio? It is missing a stdatomic.h header file but the keyword _Atomic is available and functions such as __atomic_fetch_add link just fine. Where could I find an applicable header file. Thank you for your help.