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  • All the SDK examples have the same structure:…ce239cd74acf4ddc802741dba The 'ses' folder contains the SES project
  • dotanziv -

    Posted the thread Jlink OB - Control the duty-cycle.

    We are using J-link OB (based on J-Link-OB-STM32F103-Cortex-M), it should support up to 2.25Mhz TCK. When we increase the clk, we see that the duty cycle doesn't behave well (at 2Mhz is ~83% “1” and 17% “0") Are you familiar with this problem?
  • where ? i would love to take a look! Do you have link ? a ref ? tell me where in the SDK it resides or where in segger studio it resides ?
  • When I copy text off the current RTT viewer and attempt to paste it into a text editor i get weird characters visible. 0000:0150 33 0D 0A 0D 0A 4F 4B 0D - 0A  Any idea what could be causing the  character appearing between all…
  • Barak14 -

    Replied to the thread J-Link RTT Viewer Hangs.

    I think it means that it is receiving a non-ascii character in the stream - or interpreting it that way. I am using 6.50b and don't seem to see that issue - but i do have issues with attempting to use vt100 colour codes with rtt viewer showing WARNING:…
  • SEGGER - Til -

    Replied to the thread ram placement with OS_RAM_SECTION_ATTRIBUTE define.

    Hi Thomas, that's more a question for IAR. Please have a look in the IAR EWRX compiler/linker manual on how to suppress warnings. Basically you can do it in the source code and in the project options. Best regards, Til
  • teckynou -

    Posted the thread ram placement with OS_RAM_SECTION_ATTRIBUTE define.

    Hi I'd like to force the placement of all embOs variable in the internal SRAM, whereas the standard placement is in the external SDRAM in my linker file. I try to use OS_RAM_SECTION_ATTRIBUTE define like this : Source Code (1 line)and in the linker file…
  • Franck80 -

    Posted the thread J-Link Freeze PC when connected.

    I have an issue where my computer freezes every time I connect a J-Link. Not running any other software, just connecting the J-link to the USB port freeze the computer indefinitely. Mouse and keyboard stop working too (cannot even ctrl+alt+del). The…
  • NormB -

    Posted the thread CPU Support.

    HI, I would like to develop an application on the FRWY-LS1012A development board from NXP. The LS1012A CPU is based on an ARM Cortex-A53. What I would like to know is if SEGGER Embedded Studio would provide complete support of this CPU/Platform in the…
  • Nordic provide ready-to-go SES examples - I'd suggest looking at one (or more) of those ...
  • awneil -

    Replied to the thread Debug Terminal broken v3.40 --> v4.22 ?.

    Thanks. What I see is that, with the exact same image running in the Target, the behaviour is different between SES v3.40 and SES v4.22. Do there's no difference in what the code is doing/sending - purely in the way that SES is (mis)interpreting…
  • TxCodeMonkey -

    Posted the thread OZone crash when new hex file is created.

    Hello, I use SES feeding into OZone, and one of the issues that I stumble upon occasionally is when I Windows switch focus to OZone when SES is linking OZone crashes. I do have auto re-program turned on. Windows 10 and the latest revisions of SES and…
  • whazin -

    Replied to the thread J-Link RTT Viewer Hangs.

    anyone??? I would greatly appreciate it.
  • -

    Posted the thread example project that works with the segger linker instead of gcc.

    I was looking in the example directory of sdk 152. and 15.3, i looked for a SES project example that uses SEGGER Linker. Could not find any ;( i tried using grep to look for one of the icf file in the segger studio 'sample' directory. non was found. also…
  • Hi, I hope you can help me. I programmed all of my Thingys (Thingy 52) multiple times with the Developement Bord from Nordic with SEGGER Embedded Studio and there were no problems. Now this Error appears at only some of them (3 out of 20): "Connecting
  • UserZbh -

    Posted the thread Disable UI dialogs on windows.

    Hi, I am making an automated script for testing devices using JLink Commander, but having hard time with unwanted dialogs on win. Issue 1: First I need to check whether emulator and board are connected to my laptop. I do this by running JLink…
  • Hi. i read the segger linker manual so i have an idea how and what sould be changed from the ld script. do i still need to remove the thumb.s from the project and import segger linker's .S file from the examples ? does the segger linker contains the…
  • whazin -

    Posted the thread J-Link RTT Viewer Hangs.

    Hello: I am able to debug and output to the J-link RTT Viewer(V6.44e) and when I stop debugging or sometimes randomly, the Viewer will display the message "Warning: IAC character followed by invalid character(nonhexadecimal)" and the Viewer freezes and…
  • SEGGER - Michael -

    Replied to the thread Task state values.

    Hello ndongre, May I ask for the reason why you want to check a tasks state? The values of the task states are not described in the manual as we prohibit the use of embOS internal variables. Please note that embOS internal variables and structures as…