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Netiquette - rules of conduct for this forum

Within this forum, users of SEGGER hard- and software products are given the opportunity to exchange their experience, ask and answer questions or just browse discussion threads related to SEGGER products.

Following the rules stated below, you all ensure that this forum will be a helpful, constructive and pleasant place to visit.
  • Post in English language only as this should be the common spoken language of all forum users.
    This will help other users if they are searching for the exact same problem that might be already solved.
  • Don't disclose anybody else’s contact information or private email in a posting.
  • Don't use profane, inappropriate or vulgar language, post hate speech or disruptive and hostile comments.
  • Don't abuse this forum to state on interpersonal disputes, or write threats of violence in a post.
  • Don't post or link obscene, pornographic, xenophobic, illegal or similar content.
  • Try to minimize quoting previously published text.
  • Don't bump threads.
  • Don't post or link advertising or solicitation.
Please be also aware of the following aspects:
  • Please note: SEGGER does not provide technical support via this forum. For support requests please use SEGGER's support ticket system.
  • Please read our disclaimer in order to avoid that our moderator has to delete your post.
  • Please help this forum to stay focused by posting only messages that are relevant to the subject of our forum. Use a descriptive title to help subsequent visitors to successfully identify your topic.
  • When posting humorous or sarcastic comments, it is conventional to append an emoticon, that’s OK, just don’t overdo it ;-)
  • Please familiarize yourself with the content of our forum and check if your question or suggestion has already been posted or answered in a previous thread.
SEGGER - in its sole discretion - reserves the right to review and to delete or not to publish any inappropriate messages, messages that are not complying with the terms of use or this Netiquette rules of conduct or messages that have already been posted or answered in previous threads.
SEGGER assumes no responsibility for the content posted by users in the forum, especially for its accuracy, completeness and up-to-dateness. SEGGER is not liable for infringing content posted by users. In particular, SEGGER is not liable for content that is made accessible through external links. If SEGGER is informed about illegal content, it will be removed from the forum immediately.

And now, enjoy our forum!

How to post

Dear User,
to keep the forum on topic we kindly ask you to comply with the following rules for postings:
  1. Please use the search function
    Please check the forum first for matches to your subject. Before you start a new thread make sure it has not been answered already.
  2. Find the right forum
    If your search was not successful, maybe there is a more appropriate forum to discuss your topic.
  3. Pick self-explaining subjects
    Don't use subjects like "need Help" or "How does this work?". This wording is useless and nobody will know immediately, what your question is about.
    Please select a self-explaining subject. To catch the attention of the experts.
  4. Information
    If you have a problem, please insert information and description as much as possible. For instance, you should mention where a problem occurs, what's the settings and environment parameters, which tools you are using, what kind of hardware is involved, etc.
  5. Please, no Cross-Postings
    Please don't repeat a similar posting, which is already active.
  6. Please be a little patient (give us some time)
    Note that you won't get an immediate answer in all cases. While this forum has a high priority for the SEGGER staff, sometimes it might just take a little while until we can reproduce your issue or answer your questions.
  7. Inactive threads will be closed
    Threads with more than one month inactivity will be closed.
Thanks for your understanding.
Your SEGGER forum team