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Wednesday, May 13th 2015, 6:05pm

FS_GetVolumeFreeSpace() not updated immediately


I'm evaluating emFile with STM32F4 and IAR compiler. In my project I'm using USB to mount nand flash and display new files after USB is ejected.
However, I found FS_GetVolumeFreeSpace() didn't give me the newest free space after some files are created or deleted, in my case there are only two ways to get the actual free space:
1.Reset the MCU, so the file system is also reinitialized.
2.Format the flash, it gives the correct space.

Anyway to solve this?


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Tuesday, June 16th 2015, 2:05pm


since reboot helps, I would assume that unmount - mount will as well.
But this still sounds to be to drastic.

Without any deeper knowledge, I would recommend using one or multiple of the XY_SYNC_XY functions.
They seem to exist in at least four different tastes ;-)

Good luck