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Friday, January 12th 2018, 8:21am

How To Drive Sitronix ST7789V Display Controller With emWin - PARALLEL 16 BIT INTERFACE


I am new to emWin. I want to run Sitronix ST7789V display controller with emWin. I will use 16bit parallel interface. I use microcontroller named STM32F091. I need help.
How do I set up DB0-DB15 parallel pins?Should I set up as normal GPIO?
How should I write for the LCD_X_Config () function?
How should I write GUI_PORT_API functions?
Can you provide me with comprehensive driver software for the parallel drive or can you help me how to drive the st7789V with the parallel interface for emWin?
I think I need to use the GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR display driver.
How should I start to write the driver?

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