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Wednesday, January 10th 2018, 5:58pm

EMBuild -D option

Does the -D option to EMBuild make the macro visible to the precompiler while my project is being built?I'm trying to automate a build of my SES project for a Nordic nRF52 processor on a custom board. I can build the project from the command line using EMBuild. I'm adding a -D APP_VER="b92662f" option to the command. But this doesn't appear to take effect in my code.

Here's my call:
embuild -config "Release" -D APP_VER="b92662f" E:\corp\Code\buildDir\app\app.emProject

Here's the code in my project. When building using embuild as called above, I would expect APP_VER to be defined as "b92662f":

#ifndef APP_VER