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Monday, January 8th 2018, 4:08pm

[SOLVED] JLinkDevices.xml: Add multiple configurations for the same chip

I have two devices using the NXP MKL82Z128xxx7 with different clock settings and QSPI chips. Therefore I need to use different flashloader files for debugging and flashing. Is it possible to add multiple configurations to the JLinkDevices.xml?

This is what I already tried:

<ChipInfo Vendor="NXP" Name="MKL82Z128xxx7" WorkRAMAddr="0x1FFFA000" WorkRAMSize="0x18000" Core="JLINK_CORE_CORTEX_M0" />
<FlashBankInfo Name="QSPI" BaseAddr="0x68000000" MaxSize="0x02000000" Loader="TWRKL82Z72M.elf" LoaderType="FLASH_ALGO_TYPE_OPEN" />
<ChipInfo Vendor="NXP" Name="MKL82Z128xxx7-Custom" WorkRAMAddr="0x1FFFA000" WorkRAMSize="0x18000" Core="JLINK_CORE_CORTEX_M0" />
<FlashBankInfo Name="QSPI" BaseAddr="0x68000000" MaxSize="0x02000000" Loader="TWRKL82Z72M-Custom.elf" LoaderType="FLASH_ALGO_TYPE_OPEN" />

When I select "MKL82Z128xxx7" in J-Flash it knows about the internal flash and the QSPI (Size: 128 KB + 16 MB). When selecting "MKL82Z128xxx7-Custom" the itnernal flash is not recognized (Size: 16MB), even if I use the same ELF file.

Apparently I shouldn't change the name attribute for the second device. Is there another way to have two configurations?


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Wednesday, January 10th 2018, 3:14pm


Thank you for your inquiry.
Currently there is no way to store two different configurations for the same device.
By naming the device "MKL82Z128xxx7-Custom" you essentially created a completely new device which only has the provided information from the .xml.
Any other memory (e.g. internal Flash) is not known for this configuration.

We are currently working on a solution to store multiple configurations for such cases as yours and it is expected to be released by the end of Q1 2018.

Best regards,
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