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Friday, May 19th 2017, 1:43am

SystemView and freeRTOS


We are attempting to use SystemView V2.5 with freeRTOS V9 CM3 port. The current plan is to use both real time record mode, and postmortem mode.

This is the first I have ever worked with this tool and I am very impressed thus far, but after some initial testing I have a few questions.

It looks like when running in postmortem mode the SystemView library maintains an array containing task information and status. However, it appears that the list is not being updated whenever a task is deleted. I am then seeing that this eventually leads to a hard fault when _cbSendTaskList calls uxTaskGetStackHighWaterMark with an invalid task handle. Is this the case, or have I missed something? Our application frequently deletes tasks and it looks like the library could be easily modified to handle this, but I wanted to make sure that I'm headed down the right road before putting in the effort.

Also, when I import postmortem data, I usually have all zeros for the timestamps. Occasionally all of the timestamps show up so I am assuming that something is being corrupted, but I'm not sure where to start looking.

B. Gerold