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Thursday, November 10th 2016, 11:42am

How to debug RTOS

I have error in this line:
OS_PutMail1(& MailBoxMessage, & Mail);
I want to "Step Into" but it doesn't work. It freeze all the system.
Is there any way how to detect what's wrong with RTOS?
(System View work only on Cortex M9...)


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Thursday, November 10th 2016, 12:06pm

Could you please give us more information about your setup?
Which embOS and which embOS version do you use?
Which compiler and IDE ?
Which debug probe?
Are you working with embOS library or embOS source code?

I don't think there is something wrong with embOS.
If you can't debug the code this is more related to your IDE and/or debug tools.

If you have a valid embOS license you can also contact us directly per email.

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