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Tuesday, April 21st 2009, 5:33pm

Author: Derrick

EP0 interrupt?

One further question: I have a sample app that seems to be working OK (i.e., interrupts are firing) without an OS. However, I am never seeing the EP0 interrupt - what would cause this? I seem to be getting the BusReset interrupt, followed by a Suspend interrupt. Derrick

Tuesday, April 21st 2009, 4:33pm

Author: Derrick

Interrupts not firing?

Hello all; I am currently using emUSB (CDC device profile) along with embOS successfully in a project, targeting Atmel's AT91SAM7S256. Now, I wish to add a bootloader/firmware update application that will take a hex file from a PC via USB in order to update the firmware. I wish to again use emUSB (CDC), however without an OS this time. In the emUSB manual, on page 14 it states that emUSB can be used with or without an RTOS. However, on page 21, it states that a real-time kernel is required. Isn'...