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Wednesday, February 21st 2018, 4:58pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

Restart timer when a Window become visible

Hi, You can react on WM_DELETE of the setting menu and create a timer attached to the main window. Like this: C/C++ Source code 1 2 3 4 case WM_DELETE: hParent = WM_GetParent(pMsg->hWin); WM_CreateTimer(hParent, ID_TIMER, 5000, 0); break; If the main window is not the parent you can also save its handle in a global variable. You can also try to react on WM_NOTIFY_VIS_CHANGED in the callback of the main window. Regards Sven

Tuesday, February 20th 2018, 11:19am

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

LISTVIEW_Transparent background

Hi, I agree with you that the widget should become transparent if the transparency flag is set and GUI_TRANSPARENT is its bk color. We will change the drawing behavior of the LISTVIEW in a future release. For now you can set a custom owner draw function for the widget and react on WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW_BACKGROUND. Simply do nothing if the item to be drawn is not the selected one. IF the item is the selected call the default owner draw function to clear the area with orange. Here is an example on how ...

Tuesday, February 20th 2018, 8:56am

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

vnc emwin problem

Hi, I can't reproduce the issue. What do mean with calibration? Regards Sven

Tuesday, February 20th 2018, 8:55am

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

[Multi touch] GUI_MTOUCH_StoreEvent() causing Hard Fault

Hi, I have attached some configurations for different multi touch controller. You can use them as a reference. WM_GESTURE_Enable(1) and GUI_MTOUCH_Enable(1) can be called right after GUI_Init(). Depending on your application it can be necessary to switch the gesture support on and of. Regards Sven

Tuesday, February 20th 2018, 8:46am

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

specialize a custom widget

Hi, On creation the window manager will send WM_CREATE message to window. Unfortunately, at this point you won't have any user data. With version 5.44 of emWin we have implemented a message which gets send to a widget when user data are getting set. This allows the user to react on the message and receive the user data. Depending on the version you are using you can use this message or define your own message and send it right after setting the user data. Inside the callback function you can rea...

Friday, February 16th 2018, 10:14am

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

vnc emwin problem

Hi, I tried to reproduce that. I created a pretty large screen on target side (1920x1080) and connected via VNC. It is getting slow but it doesn't crash or disconnect. Quoted it closes with the slightest shaking of the VNCemwin mouse So you mean the PC mouse? Do you have the emWin cursor enabled? Regards Sven

Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 4:51pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

vnc emwin problem

Hi, If you move the mouse quickly the emVNC.exe closes? I will check that. Which version of emVNC.exe are you using? Regards Sven

Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 4:33pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

Watch running application (Target Hardware) on the PC

Hi, to live stream the content of the display I would recommend to use VNC. This is probably all you need (content of the display and you can control it via your mouse from PC side). This would also you to stream the content of a target which not even has a display mounted. You just need a framebuffer which can read and written by emWin. Which hardware are you using? You might want to take a look on our website mabye you will find a project which already includes anything you need. For exampel f...

Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 4:26pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

PNG image show problem

Hi, As said this shouldn't be necessary. The header file GUI_Debug.h should be included indirectly via other header files. I suppose that something is not configured properly in the project you are using. Regards Sven

Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 4:05pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

multilayers only visible in composite view not in display

Hi, The composite view should show all layers mixed together. Also there are different settings for the simulation how to show a multiple layer set up. This can be some sort of a simulated device or a simple Windows window showing all the single layers and one composite view. What is shown depends on how the simulation is configured. Attached is an example for a multi layer set up for the simulation. You might want to play around with the configurations in the file SIMConf.c. Regards Sven

Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 3:57pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

Reading Multiedit text data via pointer

Hi, I'm afraid but this is not possible right now. There is no way to get a pointer to the memory address of the text from outside the emWin library. Since we think that this would be a useful enhancement for the MULTIEDIT widget, we will add such a function for the MULTIEDIT widget in the future. But I can not say when this will happen and how long it will take for the silicon vendors to release this version. If you buy a source code upgrade of emWin we could implement this function directly an...

Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 3:41pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

PROGBAR doesn't change colors

Hi, For some widgets it is not possible to change the color with functions like <WIDGET>_SetColor() because they use a skinning routine to draw themself (e.g. the PROGBAR widget). To change the colors to be used you can set the properties (like the colors) for the widget with the function <WIDGET>_SetSkinFlexProps() (or in this case PROGBAR_SetSkinFlexProps()). Best way is to read the properties and write them back. This allows you to change only one property and leave the other unchanged. Anoth...

Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 3:33pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

Format of sif file of font

Hi, The information about the SIF format can be found in the emWin user manual in chapter 11.3.2 'System Independent Font (SIF) format'. In general it has the same format as a c-file but in binary form. Also the order of the information is vice versa. Regards Sven

Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 3:27pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

LISTWHEEL with semitransparent background

Hi, Unfortunately, it is not that easy. If the LISTWHEEL gets created with the transparency flag set it will be completely transparent and does not fill its background. If you want a semi transparent background you have to set a owner draw function. Within that owner draw function you check for the item which background should be drawn. Then call GUI_EnableAlpha(1) to enable the use of the alpha bits of a color, perform a clear, and disable the use of the alpha bits again. After that call LISTWH...

Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 2:10pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

PNG image show problem

Hi, Are your include directories properly set? These defines can be found in GUI_Debug.h and IMAGE_Private.h, which are part of the emWin package. In general All you have to do is adding all files from the png download to your project and set an include directory to the location of these files. Regards Sven

Thursday, February 8th 2018, 2:02pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

How to get position of a child window in window coordinates

Hi, To get the position of a window relative to its parent simply subtract the screen position of the parent from the screen position of the child window. Try this: C/C++ Source code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 #include "DIALOG.h" /********************************************************************* * * Static code * **********...

Thursday, February 8th 2018, 12:02pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

How to know width in pixel of a TEXT widget from inside the callback?

Hi, While calling GUI_GetStringDist) within WM_PAINT the default font is still set and you will receive the string length in pixel in combination with the default font. To get the string length of from the TEXT widget you have to set the font used by the text widget before calling GUI_GetStringDist). Try this: C/C++ Source code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 #include "GUI.h" #include "TEXT.h" #in...

Monday, February 5th 2018, 4:33pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

stemwin 5.32 : Delete Item in swipelist crashes

Hi, It's hard to say what is going wrong here. Can you post a small example which shows how to reproduce it? Regards Sven

Monday, February 5th 2018, 4:31pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

STM32H7 GUI_MULTIBUF and screen tearing...

Hi, are you using the sample LCDConf.c provided by STM? On the first look it should work. C/C++ Source code 1 2 3 4 5 GUI_MULTIBUF_Begin(); GUI_DrawBitmapEx(&bmminus1, 285, 300, 0, 0, 300, 300); // Tearing occurs at this line GUI_MULTIBUF_End(); With the code above the bitmap should appear after GUI_MULTIBUF_End(). Where a do you call this code? If you call it from within a WM_PAINT case of a window callback there is no need to call any multi buffering API. Just call WM_MULTIBUF_Enable(1) before...

Monday, February 5th 2018, 4:24pm

Author: SEGGER - Schoenen

SWIPELIST_addItem and AddItemText documentation error

Hi, thanks for the hint, we will change that. Regards Sven